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BASF's branches producing reagents for mineral extraction offer a wide range of reagents and technologies in the field of processing mineral raw materials to increase production efficiency and achieve high economic performance.

Worldwide, BASF offers products and technology solutions for the mining industry, together with expert advice and technical support at the production sites. The BASF team is united by a common goal: to provide the most effective and sustainable solutions to meet the production needs of customers.

BASF Company offers reagents, equipment, technologies and advice in such areas as flotation, thickening, dehydration, liquid extraction, tailing management, grinding and handling of materials.

BASF's reagent series for separation of solid and liquid phases includes flocculants, coagulants and filtration additives. These products have a wide range of applications, including thickening, clarification, filtration and centrifugation. BASF's experience in the field of polymer chemistry is based on a long history of innovation with market leading products, such as the Magnafloc®, Alclar® and Rheomax® DR reagents.

BASF's goal is to provide customers with innovative sustainable solutions to ensure production efficiency through operational, economic and environmental benefits.